Dear 24 Family,

Like everyone, we at Focus24 are desperate to get back to doing what we do best. Most obviously, this is secondary to working towards a healthy and safe world again.

We can only account for ourselves in playing a protagonist role in what feels like a bleak movie. We can’t kill COVID-19 but we will do our part to push back and take this pandemic by the throat.

As we ease back onto set please take your next opportunity to familiarise yourself with the steps we have taken to get back to work safely. We trust this will inspire your confidence that Focus24 is taking every reasonable measure to quell any would-be threat of COVID-19 to Focus24 airspace.

This ‘new normal’ is a most unwelcome guest. But guest is precisely what it is. And like most unwelcome guests it is temporary pain if we work together to starve it out.

Until then, we will be abiding by our COVID-19 safety protocol with zero compromise as we all work towards happier times ahead one step at a time.

Stay safe,
Ben & Jamie