Announcements from ARRI

By 21st April 2016 No Comments

The Maxima Gimbal and Trinity Steadicam


These are not new products but they were previously part of the Artemis product range. However, ARRI has now taken over the Artemis with items including the Maxima Gimbal and the Trinity Steadicam.

The Maxima has a payload of a whopping 30Kg and with its ring shape, can counter weight any camera of any length, meaning you won’t be inhibited with your lens choices. It also features an automatic weight compensation system so that you won’t need to rebalance it when changing lenses. The spherical housing surrounding the camera in the Maxima allows it to get to any angle or any point of view in a fluid motion, including a 90 degree upward tilt that allows the camera to turn a corner without the operator. The Trinity in conjunction with the Maxima allows for control of the pan and tilt axes.