Kit Testing: Bright Tangerine Accessories Pack for the ARRI Alexa Mini

By 30th July 2017 No Comments

Our friends over at Bright Tangerine were kind enough to send us some accessories for the ARRI Alexa Mini ahead of their official release so that we could test them (or shall we say play with them!) and get them rigged on one of our cameras. Steve Sinclair shares his thoughts.

Over the past week, we’ve set this up in various configurations – from studio mode with our ARRI MB-18 and MB-19 Matte Boxes accompanied by the Preston and ARRI UMC-1, to a gimbal with one of our Freefly Systems Movi Pros along with the CForce Mini Motors that use the Minis Internal Brain.

Ergonomic, efficient and well designed’ 

My first thoughts: interesting, very interesting…  so many places on the plates to rig all of those pesky accessories that there’s never room for on the Mini. The two side panels easily attach to the MAP-1 plates on the top and bottom, replacing the side mounting brackets from ARRI. They’re ergonomic, efficient and well designed (they even made sure to leave space to show off the ARRI logos!). It comes in matte black for an extra sleek look too.

‘An add-on we’ve been waiting for’

It feels like Bright Tangerine have really thought about the user and what crew want from a rig. The rear-mounted plate that snuggles up to the back of the Mini gives it an add-on that’s been sought after since the Mini’s release: an integrated power source that renders the camera a single unit.

The back plate provides so many options for powering accessories: 3 x RS ports, 1 x 24v RS port, 2 x D-Taps, a 24v XLR3 Input to enable you to hotswap the camera while using onboards. And to top it all off, you get a 5v USB port to charge your mobile phone for all those slow B camera days!

These accessories from Bright Tangerine work so brilliantly with the Mini allowing any rig to become simpler and more efficient. We can’t wait to hear more from Bright Tangerine about their release!


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