Cine Gear Expo 2019 – A Run Down

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The Cine Gear Expo 2019 took place on the back lot of Paramount Studios in LA on May 31st and June 1st and we went along to bring you the latest updates from the manufacturers and see for ourselves what some of these new items can do.



Angenieux make a prime time move


Known for their high-end cine zooms, Angenieux have surprised the industry by announcing the development of their set of prime lenses. These will match the look of their much-loved zooms as well as offer full frame coverage and speeds of T1.8. They’re still currently under development but we expect to see prototypes of more lengths in the range by IBC this year, orders will then be taken at the end of 2019 with the first shipments coming in roughly mid-2020.

Preston’s long awaited HU4


Preston’s FIZ is a system most focus pullers are very familiar with having previously dominated the wireless follow focus sector. Their HU3 has been going strong for years so the announcement of the HU4 seems like a long time coming.

New features will include a touch screen display (with the ability to zoom in for more detail), more easily adjustable tension focus knob, a built in microforce handgrip, 3x user assignable buttons, a USB input for updates, 4-axis control to include the Light Ranger also, and camera control functions for Sony, RED, and Panavision cameras.

Unfortunately it can’t yet control ARRI cameras and I think this is unlikely to change when you consider the uniquely compact and efficient set up ARRI’s own WCU-4 system offers when coupled with an Alexa Mini.

So far, feedback is mixed as the design of the handset is a big step away from the HU3. Some focus pullers had preferred to remove the HU3 handgrip for a much smaller handset and the HU4 won’t currently allow for that. Others however love the touchscreen display and the ease that comes with the built-in microforce.

Bright Tangerine’s Prodigy


British company Bright Tangerine revealed their new rain deflector, the Prodigy. Interestingly, instead of using a spinning piece of glass to repel water, it features air blowers which send out 300mph air jets to blow the water away almost instantly. This prevents the possibility of vibrations to the lens and ensures a more even spread of water clearance.

Teradek serves an Ace


Whilst NAB saw the release of Teradek’s 4K Bolt, Cine Gear witnessed the release of the Teradek Ace 500 which fills a gap at the other end of the wireless spectrum. This version features inbuilt aerials and a plastic casing making the unit cheaper than the Bolt 500. The lack of fragile aerials coupled with the cost make this a much more appealing option to run and gun shoots than the Bolt 500 was previously.

Atomos Go Neon


The Neon is the latest monitor in Atomos’ range. It will be available in 17″ and 24″ options and includes 4K, HDR, 10-bit displays while allowing you to record up to 4K 60p ProRes, DNx, ProRes Raw and H265. Excitingly, it can be app controlled and will feature mutli-screen remote control functions.

Small HD make wireless bigger


The in-built teradek systems for Small HDs had previously been available in their 7″ monitor; they’ve now extended this range to include the 13″ and 17″ allowing you to couple these with existing Teradek Version 2 systems.

The Cine 7, released at NAB, now includes camera control for the Venice (beta mode at the moment) in addition to the ARRI control currently available, with the RED function set to be out later this year. These are system upgrades available to Cine 7 units bought before their releases.

Ratworks have the Venice covered


Ratworks Engineering were displaying their Sony Venice Sensor Block cage. This is the only cage on the market to fully cover the sensor block sides and it’s design makes it very quick and easy to convert back to full camera mode – you simply remove the bar mounts and the sensor block can then be unscrewed and removed.


As well as all of the above, Fujinon had their Premista 28-100mm Zoom on show, P+S Technik displayed the latest 32mm Kowa Evolution, ARRI told us the release date of the SBP-1 dovetail system has been pushed back until later this year (bad news for those wanting the latest plate system with the Mini LFs, due to start shipping next month), we saw some great Ignite Digi power systems, and there were quite a few camera control panels cropping up on the likes of Sony and Canon’s stands. ARRI’s CCP-1, an older item of kit, proved quite a hit on our own booth at the BSC show earlier this year so perhaps other manufacturers are also moving that way.


It was a jam-packed two days at the show which has left us with some jet-lag and a much longer shopping list. As always, we will let you know how these releases progress and we will be sure to inform you of any new items in our hire stock. For any enquiries about future hires or if you wish to demo any of the latest releases, drop us a line at [email protected] or send over your queries here:

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