Picture Canning at BSC 2019

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Picture Canning joined over 150 exhibitors and thousands of visitors at Battersea Evolution on the 1st and 2nd of February for the UK’s premier dedicated film and TV production show, the BSC Expo. The show is a fantastic opportunity to get your kit in front of and into the hands of broadcast camera crews, and the Picture Canning team were keen to demonstrate our high-end capabilities as well as discover the latest acquisition technology developments at the show.

It’s all about the Lens


BSC 2019 was a show that celebrated the difference a lens can make to the final look of high-end productions, and there were plenty of new lens developments making their debut at the expo.


TLS mixes old and new

True Lens Services surprised BSC attendees with a prototype preview of a set of lenses that they are developing. The VEGA lens is a new series of Full Frame T1.5 cine lenses which, unusually, will not be offered for sale but will only be available for rental or on long-term-lease. We’re intrigued to see how the market will react to these new products from a trusted industry provider.

Anamorphic goes Full Frame with Cooke Optics

Cooke also responded to the increase in demand for Full Frame content by introducing their Anamorphic/i Full Frame+ SF range at BSC 2019. This new range means that fans of the popular Cooke anamorphic SF lenses will now be able to apply the popular look to large format productions.

Bringing distortion into focus

The Leitz Thalia 90mm lens distorts images in a way that makes them ideally suited for filming dream sequences – a look previously created with filters or by rubbing Vaseline onto the lens; this lens provides the same effect while retaining the ability to focus. It’s a very interesting effects lens with some visitors asking if it was broken after first seeing the results: it’s definitely not your standard prime.

Through our lens


We featured lenses from all three of these providers on Picture Canning’s stand at BSC 2019. We demonstrated how to achieve a vintage look with a modern lens using the Cooke Panchro/i Classic and showed off the incredible speed of our one-of-a-kind, rehoused, vintage Leica Noctilux 50mm. Visitors to our stand also had the opportunity to play with one of our sets of the prestigious Leica Summilux-C cine lenses and our Zeiss Supreme Prime Full Frame set.



Other eye-catchers at BSC 2019


Sony Venice everywhere

Judging by the prevalence of Sony Venice kits at the show, they may be pulling ahead in the race for dominance of the large format acquisition market. We’ve been impressed enough by what we’ve seen so far to invest in the kit ourselves and we’re looking forward to demonstrating the full functionality of the cameras once version four of the firmware is released.

Returning favourites

Products that make crews’ lives easier are always popular, and equipment (both new and not-so-new) proved this point again at BSC this year.   Almost every camera assistant that visited our stand fell in love with the CCP-1 Camera Control Panel which provides right-side control and access to camera menus, and the growing number of female DOPs and camera operators were impressed with Easyrig’s Gimbal Flex which is better suited to the (typically) smaller, female frame.



RED takes an exclusive approach


RED Digital Cinema invited select BSC attendees (including our team) for a private preview of their new camera, the RED Ranger. Our first impression is that the Ranger is essentially the guts of a MONSTRO, built into a body that is less modular, with more outputs and settings built in. This should make the RED Ranger a good option for filming dramas, but whether their limited distribution to authorised rental companies only supports this will remain to be seen. For now, we’re confident that the RED MONSTRO will continue to be a popular choice– a stance that was certainly supported by the amount of interest the rig we displayed on our stand generated.




As always BSC provided the perfect opportunity for everyone with an interest in camera technology to meet, share information and ideas and play with the latest and greatest kit, we’re already looking forward to next year’s show!

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