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The Picture Canning Team had the pleasure of visiting the NAB Show once again this year. For those who weren’t able to make it, we thought we’d share some of our favourite new releases and updated old favourites.




TV Logic F-5A Monitor


TV Logic have added a new 5” monitor to their family: the F-5A. Particularly highly anticipated by focus pullers, this should be a great replacement for the discontinued VFM-058 monitor.

Although their newer VFM-055A OLED was the latest in the range, it was considered a step-back by Focus Pullers, who found it much softer than the 058, and was instead preferred by DPs for the excellent colour display.

The F-5A is an LCD monitor as opposed to OLED, which will make it sharper, and includes some great new features like Auto-Flip.

Those who’ve purchased the 055A in the past however, will be pleased the hear that TV Logic have released new firmware which should increase the sharpness of the display.


Sony Venice Sensor Block Rigs


The Sony Venice has been steadily increasing in popularity since the V3.0 firmware release and, with the option to remove the sensor block for a more compact and lightweight build, it increases the versatility of an otherwise large but ergonomic camera.

Sony however haven’t provided much in the way of rigging for this sensor unit so it’s down to third parties to create the best set up for users.

Tilta and Easy Rig exhibited some fantastic set ups which featured a back pack / easy rig vest with cheese plate, on which to mount to main Venice body.

This then allows the sensor unit to be operated handheld, either shoulder-mounted or using the easy rig support arm; ideal for those hand heavy hand held days.



The Easy Rig Flow Suspended Upper Arm


Easy Rig keep setting the standards for the most-useful-accessories-that-don’t-cost-the-moon releases at trade shows; following on from their down-right brilliant quick release mounts released at NAB 2018, this year they were also showing off the newly released Flow Arm.

This arm promises to stabilise walking shots even more by taking out more of the bounce: an excellent addition for shoots without a gimbal.




IB/E Optics


IB/E optics had on display their gorgeous full frame Raptor Macros. These have some of the smoothest barrels we’ve ever seen (or felt) and feature 1:1 magnification with a speed of T2.9.

These macros don’t breathe and are built with consistent front diameters and housing length.

IB/E also exhibited their 4×5.65 diopters which are built into a standard filter tray negating the need for diopter stages in clip-on matte boxes. Very handy …






Of course, the highly anticipated and much expected ALEXA Mini LF was on display.

Visitors got their first public glimpse of the new camera – remarkably small for a large format camera at only about 8mm wider than the original ALEXA Mini. This extra width is to account for the Codex Drive compartment on the operators side as ARRI have chosen to use Codex media in their new Minis.

One of the best assets of the Mini LF, aside from its large sensor, is the MVB-2 viewfinder. This is a HD-OLED EVF with a beautiful 4” display and a heated eye-cup as standard.

Interestingly, ARRI made the decision to also confirm the production of a native 4K Mini to be released in the first half of 2020.

This choice to pre-warn potential customers of the Mini LF about another camera coming in the next year was a bold, but respectful, move by a manufacturer.

Although the Mini LF ticks the Netflix box and produces a 4K image, it still doesn’t have the ability to shoot in S35 4K – something we think the next camera in the ARRI ALEXA Mini range might be capable of. Let’s wait and see …





Thanks to ARRI’s new SBP-1, long gone will be the days of shuffling a heavy camera on a BP-8 down a dovetail plate. The new 19mm baseplate has 3 settings: lock, balance, remove. Simple.

The removal mechanism now allows users to simply lift the camera off as opposed to sliding it back while still giving you the flexibility to slide it down the plate to balance it.

We’re sure it’ll become standard in every ARRI camera set up.



Teradek Bolt 4K


Teradek announced the latest sender in their range – the Bolt 4K – boasting a 4K transmitter, 50% more range and 8x signal performance.
What we liked best about this new system though was the pass-through mounting and power option that the Transmitter is now equipped with. No more awkward rigging to that last inch of space on the camera body with this Teradek.

What visitors were questioning though was the fact that so few monitors will display a true 4K image, coupled with the fact that HD-SDI cables are also limited in their transmission quality, so will what you see using this Teradek really be 4K?




Sony FS7 Broadcast Accessories


Sony’s incredibly popular FS7 camera just got a little more equipped.

They’ve made the decision, and a good one in our mind, not to try to fix something that isn’t broken and bring out a new FS7. What they have done however is move this camera into a market still being dominated by the likes of the PMW-500 and release a range of broadcast accessories that include a B4-E adapter, a top cheeseplate and sturdier EVF mount in addition to a new extension unit that now includes a Sony dual radio mic receiver slot. A complete package Sony are calling the CBK-FS7BK




The VAXIS Wireless Sender


Put simply, we loved the VAXIS wireless transmitter system.
With ranges up to 3000’, sets can include a 5” lightweight monitor with built-in receiver and, arguably the best feature, a channel scanner that shows users which of the 10 channel options are currently operating on the best signal – ideal for multi-Cam shoots.

Other brilliant design features include durable aerials without hinges, a pass-through powering mount for the transmitter allowing for better camera builds and countersunk SDI ports for protection.




Pentafinders go Full Frame


Denz exhibited the newest member to their pentafinder family, the Full Frame Directors Viewfinder.

The move to large format produced a need for more full frame accessories so this release was to be expected. It’s a beautifully designed pentafinder matching the rest of their range in style.

IB/E also have a pentafinder in development, said to be released at Cine Gear in May, but rather than a mechanical viewfinder, this will be a smart-finder that comes with an iPhone and the ability to chose whichever format you need. Should be an interesting one …




Small HD Cine7


The latest monitor in the Small HD family is a 7” that’s more compact than the 703 as the buttons have been removed in favour of a touch screen operating system.

Excitingly, this comes with a camera control function. At the moment, it’s limited to ARRI cameras and only via Ethernet cable but RED and Sony control is soon to follow.




Cooke Optics /i Technology


Cooke Optics and Pixel Farm gave us a demonstration of the incredible power of their new /i data to be included in the newest lenses in production. This technology will completely negate the need for grid tests as it’s ability to replicate exact camera positions and settings astounded us.  For productions heavy on the VFX it will surely make the choice to shoot on Cooke a preferred one.







The NAB Show 2019 was a fantastic mix of releases, big and small, with manufacturers continuing to excite and astound visitors; it wasn’t overly dominated by full frame advances, allowing for essential advances in all areas to be exhibited. Manufacturers have also noticeably chosen to improve on existing products or add accessories to their range rather than announcing completely new products which make the previous ones obsolete.


We really can’t wait to see how these products affect the market and we’ll be sure to keep you posted with the latest kit we stock.


For any enquiries about future hires or if you wish to demo any of the latest releases, drop us a line at [email protected] or send over your queries here: https://canning24.tv/form


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