Universal Studios Feature Film, ‘In Darkness’

Shadow Boxing – Picture Canning’s ARRI Alexa SXT helps paint ‘In Darkness’ with light. 

When you think about it, shadow boxing is a perfect metaphor for the cinematographer’s art. A phrase which neatly encapsulates the daily challenges of the job. It seems fitting then that in one scene in ‘In Darkness,’ the newly released Natalie Dormer and Anthony Byrne penned thriller, DOP, Simon Bell, quite literally, does exactly that.  

As a pugilistic gloom plays across a wall, the DOP does what all the best filmmakers do – heighten the drama of the storytelling by letting the imaginations of their audience do the legwork. This street-fighting scene and the brooding menace of the film’s general cinematography brilliantly exploits Hitchcock’s classic insight: “There is no terror in the bang but only in the anticipation of it.”

In Darkness tells the story of blind pianist Sofia (Dormer) who overhears the murder of Veronique, her upstairs neighbour, (Emily Ratajkowski). Sofia embarks on a labyrinthine journey that draws her into an insidious world of cops, corruption, hit men and the mob. 

The film was shot on the ARRI Alexa SXT Plus and Alexa Mini, with ARRI Master Primes. Picture Canning was one of the first kit houses in the country to receive the upgrade from the XT to SXT, for the ARRI SXT Plus.

As Picture Canning’s Bookings Manager, Natasha Larkin, says, “At Picture Canning we see the essence of our job as giving creatives all the tools required to convey the desired artistic vision. We have a long-standing relationship with Si built up over the years, and we are proud to have supplied the equipment to this very exciting production.”

The film has been called ‘stylish’, ‘dark’ and ‘tense’ with a European feel. With audiences commenting on the clever use of sound; the dramatic, extreme angles and close-ups, created with Picture Canning’s latest kit, Dormer, Byrne and their DOP, have then, it seems, hooked, jabbed and uppercut their way to a great movie. Rounds one, two and three to Mr Bell.

New York Times

“In Darkness moves along so smartly that near the end, when the filmmakers entreat you to follow them…the ride alone is worth your time.”   

Hollywood Reporter

“Featuring a strong performance by the veteran of Game of Thrones and The Tudors as the blind “witness” to a possible murder who proves far less vulnerable than she initially seems…” 

See what Picture Canning’s ARRI Cameras with ARRI Master Primes could do for your next project. Watch the official ‘In Darkness’ trailer, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, below. 

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