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Updates from NAB Show 2018

By 25th April 2018 No Comments

This year Bookings Manager Natasha Larkin and Operations Manager Amber Bulloch visited the NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas, to check out the latest releases. Here are the updates that they are most excited about:

Bright Tangerine Alexa Mini Cage 

Bright Tangerine has finally announced a release date for its much-anticipated Alexa Mini Cage. Picture Canning was lucky enough to be given a prototype to demo last year and have been waiting with excitement for the real thing.

The Cage will start shipping in May and features mounting plates on both sides of the camera body as well as a battery plate at the rear that leaves ample access to the media slot. It will interface with the ARRI MAP-2 plates on existing rigs so as not to make anything redundant. The battery plate will also feature a series of outputs including D-Tap and RS to make any rig sleeker.

Easy Rig Quick Release Mount

Easy Rig is releasing a new Quick Release Mount which can be added to any existing style of Easy Rig from Vario 5 to Cine 3.

It will screw into any 1/4” or 3/8” thread on the camera and replace the hook end on the Easy Rig, preventing the need for adding spigots or blocks to camera handles. This is a very handy addition and will soon be standard on all of Picture Canning’s Easy Rigs.

Easy Rig Flowcine Serene Arm Thread Guide 

In addition to the quick release mount, Easy Rig is also releasing a thread guide for use with the Flowcine Serene Arm. This will allow the camera to be operated close to the body instead of in front of it; operators will benefit from a more stable shot and more versatility.

Preston Connect

Preston Cinema Systems is releasing a small device that will plug into the back of any HU3 handset to allow the user to update firmware much more easily.

It will also interface with an App (available on iOS and Android systems) that will enable some basic controls, as well as the ability to save lens data which can then be used on other Preston handsets. This will save a huge amount of time when bringing in extra cameras on set.

Aladdin Lite Tile 

Aladdin’s Lite Tile isn’t a completely new piece of equipment, but it was set up in its full glory at the NAB Show 2018!

It is comprised of several 4×4 tiles, making it fully adaptable. The individual tiles daisy-chain together so they’re all controllable from one hand unit.

SmallHD 703 Bolt Wireless Monitor 

SmallHD have partnered with Teradek to announce a wireless 703 monitor with an in-built Teradek receiver.  By combining the two, they have made a rig that is significantly smaller and lighter than adding Teradek receivers to a cage.  The SmalHD 703 will interface with any Teradek version 2 Transmitter, from the 500 to the 3000.

In addition to the 703, they have also released a 503 Onboard Monitor which can either include an inbuilt transmitter or receiver. This means users can send video from the camera to a director’s monitor without having to add a transmitter to the body (only to the onboard monitor).

ARRI / CMotion Cforce Mini Wireless Motor 

ARRI / CMotion’s CForce WLCS was already a brilliant addition to any Mini kit, but with this new wireless CForce Motor they have removed the need to add the AMC-1 brain to any camera that is not an Alexa Mini. Operators will only require 1x wireless motor per rig, as additional motors can simply daisy-chain out of it.

While the trend for smaller cameras continues, this was counter-balanced for a while by larger and larger rigs. Now it seems like rigs are once more returning to a smaller size.

Updates from Cooke 

Cooke’s Full Frame S7s have been shipping slowly but surely, becoming more popular on set. But with announcements from both ARRI (the Signature Primes) and Alexa (the LF with new LPL mount) several lens manufacturers have been set back, having to now adapt their full frame lenses to work with the LPL mount.

Cooke will be shipping the S7s in regular PL with /i Technology, with the LPL version coming out soon (but missing the /i Technology at first). Lenses won’t be retrospectively upgraded however, so prospective purchasers have to make a choice between having a set of lenses quickly (regular PL), or waiting but having more versatility from them. There will also be a PL-LPL adapter released at some point.


Amber says: “It was incredible to be able to test so many state of the art pieces of kit in one place. We know that we have chosen the very best new options, that are really going to make a difference on set.”

Natasha adds: “Attending the NAB Show 2018 was a brilliant experience – there are so many exciting advancements in technology it pays to stay on top of them. This includes some very interesting rumours and murmurs about another full frame lens alternative soon to be announced … watch this space!”